2080 WL (T7500) Thermostat with remote sensor for water and air

2080 WL (T7500) Thermostat with remote sensor for water and air
Thermostatic radiator valve head for water and air with remote sensing element. Supplied with memory clip. Concealed limiting and blocking of setpoint range, setting with memory clip. Suitable for
all Honeywell thermostatic radiator valve bodies, and
all Honeywell valve series M, and
all thermostatic radiator valve bodies with M30 x 1,5 connection and 11,5 mm closing dimension.
For water-based heating systems and boiler applications
on the supply of air heaters,
as mixer control for underfloor heating,
for hot water storage tanks, heat exchangers or swimming pools.
Setpoint blocking yes
Setpoint limiting yes
Closing dimension 11.5 mm
Body-head connection M30 x 1,5
Temp. element place remote
Capillary tube length 2 m
Temperature element liquid-filled
Colour white
Temp. setpoint range 20 ... 70 oC
Temperature scale 2..7
Zero-position no
Additional description P-bands given in the literature of above valve bodies double when used with the 2080WL.
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DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Theft-protection ring with Allan screwsTA2080A001
Theft-protection ring with double-punched screwsTA2080A002
Special screwdriver for double-punched screwsTA2080B002
Brass sensor pocketTA2085A001
Sealing kit for installation without sensor pocketTA2085B001
Special tool for assembly of thermostatVA8210A001
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