Zawór pierwszeństwa / priorytetu  (nadmiarowo-upustowy) kołnierzowy

Zawór pierwszeństwa / priorytetu  (nadmiarowo-upustowy) kołnierzowy
DH300 pressure sustaining valves are regulators which control the pressure on the inlet side. They are used wherever a specific inlet pressure must not be exceeded, for example limiting the pressure in the inlet supply network or in transition links between supply networks and high demand large users. Their compact construction makes them ideally suited for applications where space is limited, for example in ducts. They can be used for commercial or industrial applications within the scope of their specification.
Media Water
Body material spherulitic cast iron GGG40
Body finishing powder coating
Port connection type flanges
Max. media temperature 80 oC
Static pressure PN16
Minimum inlet pressure 0.7 bar
Pressure setpoint range 1 ... 12 bar
Additional description
High flow capacity
High control accuracy
Powder coated inside and outside - Powder used is physiologically and toxicologically safe
Integral control circuit and ball valves
Replaceable valve seat
Flanges, PN 16, ISO 2084; PN 25, ISO 2441 on request
DN sizeFlow capacity KvsType
5043DH300-50A  PDF
6543DH300-65A  PDF
80103DH300-80A  PDF
100167DH300-100A  PDF
150407DH300-150A  PDF
200676DH300-200A  PDF
2501160DH300-250A  PDF
3001600DH300-300A  PDF
3501600DH300-350A  PDF
4003300DH300-400A  PDF
4503300DH300-450A  PDF
Spare Parts
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Seal Set for DN 500903750
Seal Set for DN 650903751
Seal Set for DN 800903752
Seal Set for DN 1000903753
Seal Set for DN 1500903754
Seal Set for DN 2000903755
Seal Set for DN 2500903756
Seal Set for DN 3000903757
Seal Set for DN 3500903758
Seal Set for DN 4000903759
Seal Set for DN 4500903760
Replacement pilot valve for all sizesCX-PS
Pressure gaugeM07M-A16