E121 Automatic air vent

E121 Automatic air vent
The E121 air vent is a reliable automatic venting device and is suitable for venting air or gas from heating systems or heat process installations.
For hot water heating systems, radiators, wall- and ceiling-mounted air heaters, air collection vessels, pipework circuits, boilers and air separators. Not suitable for mineral oil or liquids with mineral-oil based additives.
Materials Brass housing and lid, high-grade plastic float, heat-resistant elastomer seal components
Medium type water or water-glycol mixture according to VDI 2035
Max. media temperature 110 oC
Static pressure PN10
Port connection type external threads
Additional description With fitted Z 121 A shut-off valve cleaning or replacement of the seal and inner components can be carried out without draining the system.
Product descriptionType
Standard version, connection size R 3/8E121-3/8A  PDF
Standard version, connection size R 1/2E121-1/2A  PDF
Service parts
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Shut-off valveZ121-3/8
Shut-off valveZ121-1/2
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