Filling valve for closed heating systems, VF06

Filling valve for closed heating systems, VF06
The VF06 filling valve permits simple and safe filling or refilling of closed heating systems. A pressure reducing valve, a check valve and a shut-off facility are combined into one unit. The pressure gauge connection enables fitting of a pressure gauge (accessory) to provide accurate checking of system pressure after filling.
For closed heating systems to DIN 4751:
Onto a heating circuit distributor manifold,
in combination with a water supply distributor manifold,
on a heating boiler via a fill hose, in the supply to or directly onto a heating boiler,
as a filling set for trouble-free and safe initial filling of a system.
Approvals DIN/DVGW approved check valve
Materials Brass housing, plastic spring bonnet and valve cartridge, fibre-reinforced NBR diaphrgm, NBR seals
Media water
Max. media temperature 70 oC
Static pressure PN16
Pressure setpoint range 0.5 ... 3 bar
Port connection type external threads
Product descriptionType
With hose union connectorVF06-1/2A  PDF
With threaded union connectorVF06-1/2B  PDF
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Pressure gauge, range 0-4 barMF126-A4
Hose connector with union nut and gasket0903454
Connection set with threaded connectorVST06-1/2A
Double ring wrench for removal of spring bonnetZR06K
Service parts
DescriptionAdditional Product Type
Spring bonnet assembly0903445
Valve insert assemblyD06FA-1/2
Check valve2166200
Blanking plug with O-ring (pack of 5)S06K-1/4