Water temperature control thermostat, 230Vac, SPDT output, L641

Water temperature control thermostat, 230Vac, SPDT output, L641
Surface mounting thermostat for applications with hot water storage cylinders or water pipes.
For temperature control of hot water storage cylinders, high and low temperature limiting on water pipes, and automatic heat/cool changeover for 2-pipe fan-coil systems.
Approvals CE
Protection class IP30
Switch function/capacity SPDT 230Vac, 4 A resistive, 2 A inductive
Wiring connection Screw terminals (x3)
Terminal max. wire size 1.5 mm2
Differential fixed 10 oC
Media temp. 0 ... 95 oC
Ambient temperature 0 ... 70 oC
Temperature element bimetal
Housing (HxWxD) 79 mm | 44 mm | 54 mm 
Additional description Thermostat delivered with mounting strap for cylinders (L641A) or mounting springs for pipes (L641B).
A manual setting knob is supplied with L641A.
A tamperproof cover is supplied with L641B.
Suitable forTemp. setpoint rangeMounting placeTamperproof coverType
water temperature control40 ... 80on cylinderL641A1039  PDF
low limit or H/C changeover2 ... 40strap on pipesuppliedL641B1004  PDF
high limit50 ... 95strap on pipesuppliedL641B1012  PDF